Monday, April 9, 2018


Long time no thrift haul! 

Firstly, I haven't gone thrifting as much now that the Kiddo is mobile and will want destroy touch everything and secondly, I buy much less. But yesterday I went to a huge second hand kids clothes event (by myself, such a treat!) and found several pieces, so I thought i'd share them!

I was looking for summer clothes and knits for the kiddo. Luckily many sellers had marked their tables with signs such as "girl 68-74", so I could beeline straight to the right size, which currently is 92-98! How did my baby get so big?

There were tons of people and about hundred tables and I admittedly went a little crazy as I did not intend to spend quite so much. I ended spending 51€ and was a bit horrified when I counted it afterward. But between 14 pieces of clothing it comes to about 3,6€ per item which I think is OK. And obviously a lot cheaper than buying things new. I only bought things in good condition and with used clothing if it's still good after being used and washed it will probably hold. Also I still need to get her some pieces, kids go through so many clothes in a week! 

 Here's everything laid on the floor, as you do.
These two are probably my favorites, I love rompers on babies. And toddlers. The pink one on the left was 6€, and the blue striped one was 4€.
Two pairs of shorts, which I don't know how practical they will be? I've never had a baby toddler this age, so I just don't know if they are good for playing, going down the slides etc. Should I just go for leggings? Anyway, white ones were 3€, brownish ones 5€. The patterned pants were 2€.
 Three tops, the sleeveless ones were 3€ each and the green one in the middle 5€.
 A sweet patterned button up (buttons on the back) 2,50€ and a bear dress 2€ (I love anything with bears on it).
Three cute cardigans: 5€, 3€ and 5€. A sweater with hearts on it 2,50€. You can't have too many knits I think, in fact before this we had too few.

And here's everything again, just because they look so sweet together! Aww.
I can't wait for the summer, our backyard still looks like this:

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