Sunday, July 29, 2018

Handmade linen bathrobe

Man, I wish I could take pictures that did justice to this robe. But, for some reason, my phone just goes nuts when I try to take pictures of the black linen.
But I made a robe! And despite the pictures, I made it for myself. I made Jake pose for me and while the pattern is one size and fits him fine otherwise, I did shorten it quite a bit. I am 164 cm tall, Jake however is 187 cm... so it looks a bit short on him! For me, it's over the knee.
This is the comfiest robe. I've used this pattern before and used the cotton robe I made with it all through my pregnancy and it fit great and still does.
I love the slightly Japanese vibe of it. I meant to make belt and belt loops for it, but haven't gotten around to doing it and it's been working fine without them.
I love this heavier linen for it. It feels very luxurious and sits very nicely. I've been spending quite a bit of time in it in the backyard in the mornings without any shame.
And you guys, I did french seams for the first time! It makes SUCH a difference in how finished it looks. With my previous robe I just zigzagged the edges and it looked like a mess. And with a robe you see the inside every time you put it on and take it off. It really has added to my enjoyment of the piece to have a nice finished inside seams.
The pattern is from the seventies and I think it was part of a mail order subscription my mom had back then. Just look at this picture, isn't it awesome?
I think I need to raid mom's patterns to see what other gems might be hidden in there!

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