Sunday, July 15, 2018

What should I post?

Hey! It's been awhile! Things have been very quiet on the crafting front (I've started and unraveled the same sweater several times, as you do, and haven't actually finished anything) and that always results in a dead silence on the blog. That's the trouble with having a craft blog: no crafts, no blog posts.

I'd still really like to post. I'm home with a toddler and while that IS amazing, but I also crave to actually express my self in complete sentences. And I have a blog, and that's what blogs are for, right? To express yourself. But, I'm not sure what to post if not crafts. I have bought a few things at the thrift store, which is something else I've posted here occasionally, but that's been petering out with my Konmari project. So, what else?

I could talk about general life stuff, the kind I'd talk about if I had some adult contact. But I don't have a very interesting life. I'll just list some things here, stop me if you'd like to know more about something. Prepare for a wall of text.

Hi! My name is Riikka. I'm Finnish. I do crafts (that one you know) and thrift (a bit). I read (I've posted about that). I love fantasy and self-help. I have a kid (for privacy "the Kiddo"). I'm married (to Jake, he doesn't care about privacy). I live in a row house with a small yard. I've tried a tiny bit of gardening this summer (mostly berries, some salad). I'm into natural cosmetics and natural products in general (I recently bought a wool duster, it's great!). I randomly get very obsessed with weird things like a wool duster, and there's also this great nettle tea I've been loving and have you seen Vaiana??, (see?). I'd like to be a minimalist, but am not (I feel like no matter how much stuff I throw away there's more underneath, but I'm trying). I like organizing and hate cleaning (everything in it's dusty place is my motto). I'm obsessed with the Konmari method, but since having a child it's been on a standstill (you just can't pull everything out, I've tried, it's a catastrophe). I'd like to be able to decorate my home, but don't have the energy or the money to have it the way I'd like. On that vein I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I wish I did Instagram, but feel like I have nothing to post about (a bit like with this blog). I dislike both winter (too cold) and summer (too hot). Autumn is where it's at.  I'd like to develop a capsule wardrobe and have been trying, but am not sure why it's not really working. I used to be fat and now I'm not (I tried for years to loose weight and couldn't, then gave up and just lost it, I have no idea how it works). I love my Fitbit (it's the only exercise I get with a kid, baby steps ;)). I like to think I do yoga, but really do it once a week and only during the winter (it's now the summer break and my mat is by the door where I dropped it after the last lesson). I also like to think I do hooping, but maybe hoop for 5 minutes a week. I eat a very average diet, except I've been sugar free since the beginning of the year (the best decision!). I must get some fresh air everyday and love wandering in the nearby forest with the Kiddo, but otherwise I'm a huge homebody and we very rarely venture anywhere (I mean we go to the movies maybe twice a year and when we get takeaway, it's almost always from the same few places, we very rarely actually go out to eat. I know that sounds sad, don't judge!). Speaking of sad, news make me sad, especially after having a child, I have to limit my intake). And after having a kid I had to start donating to Save the children, just to be able to sleep.  And I could talk endlessly about baby gear (I'm a pretty mild person, but it turns I have a lot of opinions on that, want to know which socks are the best? I'll tell you).

There's probably something else I can't think right of now, but was any of that interesting? I know this is my blog and technically I can post whatever I like, I just feel really awkward. Is it weird to suddenly pop random stuff in here?

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