Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Small garden update

When we moved here, oh, three years ago, Jake's grandma asked what plans I had for the backyard. I had zero plans. I didn't want anything in there. Nothing that needed pruning or watering or weeding or whatever you do in the garden.

Well three years later and I have something in there. Not much, but I've definitely warmed up a bit to his gardening business.

I still don't want anything that requires intensive care. I pretty much prefer things that I can just plant and that then take care of themselves. That means mostly berries (and rhubarb, that thing just flourishes all by itself), but I did plant some lettuce, too (and it turned out to be super easy!).

So this is the first year with a bit of small scale gardening and I'm really excited for more next year! 

Here's what I have so far:
This isn't something edible, but it's an important addition to the yard so I thought I'd start with it. My parents came to visit in July and we installed this fence around our (still) small spruce fence. I love it. Firstly, it has given me so much peace of mind to know that the Kiddo won't wonder off the minute I turn my back. She can now freely play and explore the yard. Secondly, we had quite a few people taking a shortcut across our yard, which was a) annoying b) with the Kiddo around made me very anxious. It feels a lot safer now. Yay, for fences! And parents!
Next my pride and joy: the raspberry bush. We actually planted this when we moved in, my mother brought a sapling from her yard. But this year it really spread out. We got quite a few raspberries, too, before the drought got too much. Raspberries are my favorite berry, but the Kiddo loves them too, so I let her eat all of them.
We have a redcurrant bush that was here when we moved in. The Kiddo loves these too! She ate all I had in the freezer from last year. She loves them frozen, so I'll definitely freeze all I can for the winter.
Next to it is the worlds smallest gooseberry bush. This was here, too, when we moved in and I swear it has not grown at all. It made one berry! Which is a pitty, since I love gooseberries.
Jake's grandma brought the rhubarb and it flourishes there. Pity we don't really eat rhubarb! The Kiddo gnawed on it raw a bit. Maybe I'll come up with something I can use it for.
Next to it I planted a blackberry this year. Blackberries don't really grow around here, so it seemed so cool to me! This is some kind of Siberian variety that can withstand the cold. Let's hope so! I planted it in the sunniest, safest spot in our yard. Everyone I told about it said a)it's so spiky and b)it spreads like crazy. So I don't know. It doesn't look that spiky yet and I hope it spreads, more berries!
It's already spread almost over this strawberry plant my mom brought me last year. I'll have to move it. It made quite a few berries, but the Kiddo pulled them all off when they were still raw, so no strawberries this year.
I also bought a blackcurrant bush and it's feeling poorly. The shoe is there for size comparison. I think it was a bad year to plant it, it was such a hot, dry summer, unlike any summer I've ever experienced. And the leafs are curling up, which according to internet is aphids laying eggs in there. Ugh. I've been spraying it with pine soap (?). Well, it's alive yet. Hopefully it grows better next year. 
Here's the most "ambitious" part so far. Dad bought me some garden boxes and I planted another strawberry my mother brought this year and some wild strawberries in one and some SALADS in the other. I seriously thought that planting salads was very scary, but I just sprinkled a bag of arugula seeds in there and they just grew. I didn't have to do anything. It was the easiest, cheapest thing. I also put a couple of store bought salads there and they just keep on growing. Next year I'm going to put a variety of salads from seed there and enjoy fresh lettuce all summer long.
I also planted some seeds of wild flowers (which I never saw any trace off) and some wild strawberry seeds along the spruce fence and hey look! a wild strawberry! I actually got three berries! Pretty exciting! I hope they spread all along the fence.

So, that's the garden so far! Hopefully everything keeps on growing. We'll see what I'll add next year. My mom swears carrots and zucchini are easy, but they sound pretty out there right now. I'd like to add some kind of a fruit tree on the small bit of lawn we have at the front of the yard, but we'll see.

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