Monday, September 17, 2018

What I look for when thrifting

I love thrifting. I also love weird knickknacks. But since getting the decluttering bug and turning into a wannabe minimalist I've tried very, very hard not to buy weird knickknacks. It's difficult. I still love thrifting. It's cheap, it's fun, it's a little adventure! In effort to keep myself in check, I've compiled a little list of actually useful, not so weird things, that I can look for in thrift stores and I thought I'd share it with you. I always love seeing what other people look for.
Kid's clothes. I have a small child. She grows so fast. I'm always looking for clothes in the next size. I try not to buy clothes several sizes on advance, because a) I don't want to store them b) we have four very distinct seasons and I don't know what size she'll be when. But the next size I'll want to have in advance. At this point I know what works for us: leggings, socks, long sleeved t-shirts, cardigans. I also always check the toys. I’ve decided that rather than have an assortment of different toys for the Kiddo, I’d rather concentrate on a few collections. I look for Duplo, Brio train parts, and I’m considering getting her a play kitchen for Christmas, so I see if there are any play foods or kitchen items for that.

Frames. I have a small child. There are suddenly sooooooo many cute pictures I want to frame. I'm currently searching for large wood frames that leave some white space around the pictures. I'd also like to find something super ornate, maybe of carved wood, but no luck so far.
Rattan. I'm obsessed with rattan. I always check if there's anything, anything in rattan. Mostly I've found chairs which we don't have room for. I'd love to find mirrors. And baskets. And frames. Do they make rattan frames? And hangers. I saw one and this old lady reached for it just before me. It was a sad day.

Books. I love books. Reading is hands down my favorite past time. I just looove reading. I look for books for myself and for the Kiddo. Paperbacks cost at my local Red Cross charity shop 50 cents apiece! And mostly you can get any book for less than 2€. At this point most of my books are thrifted. 
Salt lamps. I have three. I'd like a few more. I think they are the prettiest things and give out the coziest warm glow. I'd like to find a few more, but for some reason all the ones I've seen are suddenly very expensive. I've paid 2-4€ for mine and don't want to spend more than that.
Baskets. I always check the baskets, although we don't technically need any baskets. But, you know, should I find a cool basket I think I might have room for another…
Macrame plant hangers. Since I can't have any plants down where the Kiddo can reach and destroy them, I'm thinking of hanging them up. There used to be so many plant hangers at thrift stores, but now that macrame is fashionable I can't find any. Ugh!
Linen. Oh, I'm just obsessed with linen. I don't actually need any more at the moment, but I still look.
Clothing for myself. Occasionally, when I'm by myself and can try them on, I look for clothes for myself. Right now, I look for knits and some long sleeved nightgowns. I'd also like to find a nice black leather cross body handbag. 

This specific ladle. Seriously. This is the prefect ladle. I think it's actually the other half of salad servers. But it's perfect as a ladle. Perfect. It's the perfect size. The spoon is not too large and sometimes ladles have an unnecessarily long handle, this has just the right amount of handle. It's stainless steel and wood. It's hygienic, the handle doesn't get hot. And it's very thin from the metal bit so that you can let it sit in the pot while the cover is closed and the heat won't escape and you don't need to set it on the table! Have I professed my love for this ladle enough yet? Anyway, I want another. This specific one. If you see one, let me know, will you?

So, that's what I'm currently searching for. And possibly a few weird knickknacks...

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