Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Facts about me

Today is my birthday! I turn... old. So, I thought I'd take this day as a chance to tell you 13 (3+10) random facts about me!

1. I'm a huge book nerd. Reading is my favorite pastime. I get very disoriented and sad if I have nothing good to read. My favorite books are the Harry Potters and my favorite author is L. M. Montgomery. I love fantasy and am sucker for self-help, kind of embarrassing to admit, but hey, these are the facts.

2. My daughter is named after a Lord of the Rings character (a HUGE book nerd), I just call her 'Kiddo' here to protect her privacy. I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time in middle school and decided on her name then. Luckily 15 years later, Jake agreed.

3. I can only sleep in absolute darkness. We have blinds and two sets of blackout curtains in the bedroom. And I also wear a sleep-mask. We actually have blackout curtains in every room of the house, even in the kitchen, so I'm not exposed to any light should I for example have to go to the bathroom at night. I still occasionally suffer from bouts of insomnia.

4. I'm an INFJ.

5. My favorite meal if the day is breakfast. I never skip breakfast and prefer no one to talk to me until I've had it. I almost always have toast and eggs. And two cups of coffee. I love, love, love coffee.

6. I have weird thumbs, like Megan Fox.

7. I can twist my tongue into a flower shape. It took me about two weeks to learn.

8. I can juggle a bit, it took a lot longer than two weeks. (Can you tell I spend my time wisely in uni?)

9. My biggest pet peeves are eating with your mouth open and chewing your nails. Just keep your lips together when you chew, it muffles the noise like 75%!* And I don't get how people can chew on their nails. You don't know what you have touched! You're basically chewing of other people's pee of your hands, and now I have to shake your drooly hands! At least wash them before and after. Its just not hygienic. (*statistic made up by me)

10. I must have something to do with my hands, hence crafting. It feels so odd to for example watch TV if I don't have something to do while I watch. I don't get how people can just sit there!

11. I was born with a hip dysplasia and spend my first months in a harness of sorts. Its fine now, although my left leg is a bit shorter than the right.

12. I started flossing after reading an interview with Amanda Bynes (of all people), where she said that her father is a dentist and he says that flossing is more important than brushing your teeth. It was like 10 years ago at least, and I've flossed twice a day ever since. And haven't had any cavities! Thanks Amanda Bynes!

13. I met my husband in World of Warcraft. Yup. I was lonely and miserable and depressed and WoW pretty much saved my life. I started playing, made friends and met a nice boy. Go play WoW, kids!

Those are the facts!

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