Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Small Christmas Thrift Haul

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I hope not. These are just quick photos snapped with my phone, because I realised that if I try to take good photos, I never post at all. Dark background and bad lighting, yay!

I went to the Red Cross thrift store. They already had all their Christmas stuff out. It was mostly tacky Santa Claus figurines and old tinsel, but I found a few things.

I got these two berry manchettes (is that the correct word? things you put around candles) and a cute doily (to be used under things? I guess? I’m working on it). They weren’t prised, but when I got to the till the lady there said is 10 cents a piece ok? Sure was.


And here are the manchettes taken a part. I’m thinking of using them for decorating Christmas gifts. Like this.


I also got these two metal trees for 50 cents. They are very eighties (the black background doesn’t help), but I thought the might look good as gift tags. Maybe against white wrapping paper and some natural twine?


And lastly these pinecone ornaments. I thought they were cute. I think I’ll just keep the two silver ones and donate the yellow and the blue one back, since we have a silver-red-white theme going on with our tree.


That’s it. I’m slowly, but surely working on our holiday decor. A few bits here and there. Most of our decor so far is either from thrift stores or from after holiday sales. I like it. It feel somehow more meaningful to collect it bit by bit.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

In October

I’ve always liked October, mainly because I have my birthday then! Jake took me to dinner and bought me a cake. <3 I’ve been so obsessed with the owl mug I got at Cambridge, I bought myself another one as a birthday present. Mmmm, owls.
Jake also got me this Väska shoulder bag. He said it was my combined birthday and Christmas present. I LOVE it. I think it’s so beautiful. It’s real leather and has a sort of minimalistic design, so I hope it’ll age well and I’ll still be using it as an old lady.
I took a nature photography class and a Photoshop class. I was really looking forward to both, in the hopes that it would improve my pictures, but was a little disappointed, especially with the photography. They were both held by the same guy and while the program said it’d go through all the basics, it was very cursory and I just felt lost. Boo.
There were a few nights with northern lights. I love northern lights. And these were so vivid and pretty. I spend a good hour on our backyard, trying to get some pictures. This was the best I could do, even with my new photography skills. Clearly I still need practice.
Jake had his birthday as well. He hates fuss, but I made him this banoffee with a bat signal. He loved it. You can’t go wrong with Batman.
Jake bought the new Guitar Hero game. I tried it once and got super mad. I had to go for a walk to calm my temper, which resulted in my first 20 000 step day. Yeah! Fresh air cures everything.
The 2015 Moomin winter mug came out, and of course I had to go and grab it. I now have one from the past three years. From left to right: 2013, 2014 and 2015. In a few more years I have a nice collection to pull out every winter!
As I’ve mentioned we don't really celebrate Halloween in Finland, but that didn’t stop me from making myself a witches hat. I found this super easy tutorial and just whipped up on Halloween morning while watching Nightmare before Christmas. I also made this naked cake, with a plastic polar bear on top. A polar bear I made a little robber's mask for. Why? Because Pinterest, that’s why.
And last, but not least. We bought a new stove, microwave and toaster for the kitchen. We’re going with stainless steel theme. And, yes, the electric kettle is a rebel.
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