Thursday, July 31, 2014

June Reads



Austin Kleon: Steal Like an Artist

Carol S. Dweck: Mindset

Leonard Sax: Boys Adrift

Bee Wilson: Consider the Fork

Sunday, June 15, 2014

This Week


1. The weather was very hot on Thursday and cold on the other days. We even had sub-zero weather last night.

2. Pretty flowers.

3. This is pretty much the epitome of summer for me: wild flowers in a glass jar.

4. A friend came to stay with us for a few days, and we had so much fun! I’m so sad she lives far away.

5. We played Arkham Horror and lost. Mainly because no one was reading the cards properly.

6. Jake was playing a game, where he was asked to draw a kangaroo.

7. And I’ve been obsessed with The Bridge. I watched the first two seasons and can’t wait for the third. It’s so good. I think this describes why I love it: one of the characters was making a phone call, and the screen of the phone was full of fingerprints. Nothing is polished, all the characters look tired, with tangled hair and unmemorable clothes And the plot is gripping. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Week

this week

1. It’s summer!

2. My cousin mentioned to me about Project 333. The aim is to use 33 pieces of clothing for 3 moths. At first I was all nah, but then I thought why not? This is my pared down closet. I excluded underwear, sleepwear and sportswear from my 33 pieces. It was actually kind of fun to choose the clothes!

3. And this is what Jake’s been doing: Mario Kart.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Reads


May Reads

Gary Taubes: Good Calories, Bad Calories

Mark Sisson: The Primal Blueprint

Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

Michael Moss: Salt Sugar Fat

Gretchen Rubin: The Happiness Project

Mason Currey: Daily Rituals

Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice

Sunday, June 1, 2014

This Week

this week

It’s been a grey, rainy week, and I’ve been loving it.

1. We bought a Crock Pot! It’s great. I think cooking it’s just another chore, just like vacuuming or dusting, but this thing has made it almost enjoyable. It’s so easy to use. You just put all the ingredients in and 6 hours later you have a meal. And it makes everything so tasty. Healthy, too. I think Jake has eaten this past week more vegetables than during the whole year. I’ll have to look for more recipes.

2. I put a clothes line on the balcony. Such an innovation. But it is working very well to dry bedding. I line dry all our laundry and my drying rack is quite small.

3. I don’t watch much TV. In fact, the only show I regularly watch is Avara luonto, which is a nature documentary every Saturday at 18.45. I love it. I have an alarm set on my phone so I don’t forget.This week’s episode was about white lions. I might have cried a bit. But not as much as during that damn mongoose episode. Don’t die, Ernesto!

4. I made these cushion covers from that thrift store fabric I mentioned last week. Very summery.

5. And this key chain.

6. I felt like baking something tonight. I suggested cookies, but Jake didn’t want any (!) and asked for coffee cake instead. So I made that. Jake is allergic to eggs, so I looked for an eggless recipe. This one had lot’s of spices, cacao and coffee in it, and it’s actually pretty good, but very rich, maybe more of a winter cake. Recipe in Finnish, here.

Oh, and i played through the new Van Helsing game. Not as good as the first one IMO.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Week

This Week

1. It was hot. HOT. Almost 30 degrees. That’s the melting point for arctic people. But the trees have full leaves now.

2. I didn’t feel like going outside much, so instead I cleaned like crazy. I don’t think our home has ever been this clean. I also made a new cover for my extremely ratty chair. So much better.

3. I did venture outside to see if I could find something to wear in the heat and manage to score this dress for 4€. It’s black with white polka dots and is both light and cute ( I think).

4. I also bought this curtain for 1,20 and promptly made it into a few summery pillows.

5. I also bought these candle holders. I think they are handmade. They were an odd blue green color, but only cost 1€ each. Few coats of paint and some beads later, they are looking much fresher. And my Yankee Candles fit perfectly in them.

6. We didn’t have any food and didn’t feel like going to the store. Hot, I tell you. So, Jake made spaghetti with minced meat sauce, and I ate it. I’ve been vegetarian since I was sixteen, but I guess not anymore. I feel like I should apologize to someone. So. Sorry!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Small Thrift Haul


I thought I’d share a few things I’ve bought lately from the thrift store. Sometimes you find stuff, sometimes you don’t. I really like the Red Cross second hand shop, because everything is neatly organized by category, clean and they test all the electronics, so you know they’ll work.

1. Patterned porcelain cups. I was already leaving when they brought in more mugs. Mmm, mugs. 40 cents each, and super cute.

2. Fabrics. I don’t know what I will do with these, but I’ll figure something out. The polka dot one was 1,90€, the floral 2,90, the striped one 0,80 and the plaid 1,80.

3. A big glass jar for 1,50.

4. A Christmas mug for 0,10. Jake insists that I must not buy anymore mugs. Mmm, mugs.

5. A basket for 0,40. I think it’s meant for a plant since it’s lined with plastic. For now I keep my crochet hooks and knitting needles in it.