Sunday, April 13, 2014

Around Here

this week

I’ve felt kind of uninspired to write, but I know I’ll be happy to look back on these, so I’ll try!

1. I bought these awesome planters on sale at Kodin terra. They are quite big and I might end up using them for something else.

2. I’m not quite sure what happened to my foot. It just went crunch and there was a sharp pain and then i couldn’t walk for the night. I guess a blood vessel just burst? It was painful for a week and there’s still a bruise there.

3. We finally bought a TV-stand after living here for nearly two years! I spent several hours putting it together. Luckily, I love puzzles, it was great fun!

4. I’ve made several craft projects, including this container for the remote controls. We lovingly named it “lörpäke”. I’ve tried not to buy any new materials, and this was made using yarn Jake's mother gave me and some left over cotton yarn.

5. We watched through the first season of True Detective and it was sooo good. I also watched through 3 seasons of Veronica Mars, after I found out that it wasn’t sci-fi. Mars, Neptune, it sounds like sci-fi, right? But I love everything with private detectives.

6. I think I shared about this a few weeks back, but here are the cork pot holders, spray painted and mounted on the kitchen wall. I use them to keep coupons and the shopping list and they are working great.

7. I got in my head a while back that salmiakki would be a good sauna fragrance, and then found out it exists! The winning combo turned out to be a mixture of tar and salmiakki, smells just like Terva Leijona. Eucalyptus still rules, but this is a good second.

8. I made a pom pom bouquet! I love it. The colours are so happy and spring-like.

9. I also made these sofa pillows. I bought a pillow case from the flea market for 40 cents, took it a part and cut it into 4 equal pieces. Then I trimmed it with some pom pom trim a bought ages ago for a project I never did. They look so nice. A bit of white makes everything look fresh.

Monday, March 24, 2014

This Week


1. Jake bought some candy. 26 bags of Lions and 8 bars of Nougat.

2. Some fast “art”. We took a side picture of each other, I then transferred them onto my computer and then traced them through the screen to a piece of paper. Coloured them in. Easy. Frames from the flea market.

3. Since it’s been plus degrees outside, I’ve done some spray painting on the balcony. Neighbours must love me.

4. I also did this wall hanging, directions from here. P.S. I so hate that wall paper.

5. And on non craft front, I discovered they sell chicken kebab at Prisma. My life is complete.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Week


1. It’s been something like the warmest spring for 50 years. It’s been around 7 degrees and there hasn’t been any snow on the ground for about a month. Until yesterday. Meh. Go away, winter.

2. Here’s where I go for my ballet lessons. It’s old and crumbling, but I like it’s derelict charm.

3. Because of little snow we didn’t feel like going out to get pizza, so Jake made spaghetti and meat sauce, and I had a frozen tuna pizza. Hah. As you can see, we very rarely eat the same food.

4. I’ve been trying to use up my stash of yarn and decorate at the same time. First thing I did was this crochet owl basket. I was inspired by the pictures here, but didn't actually buy the pattern.

5. speaking of crocheting, here’s a quick tip for you: if you need a round marker, a hair pin is perfect. Easily movable, stays in place, and lies flat. Also, dirt cheap and easily available.

6. I also made this chalkboard antler “painting”, instructions here. I already had a magnetic notice board from IKEA I had painted with chalkboard ages ago, so this project took maybe 5 minutes. Love it. And if I get bored I can just wipe it clean.

7. I've been obsessed with this sandwich. Two pieces of bread, with cheese, avocado and a fried egg. Put it on a pan and place a kettle or another heat proof heavy object on top and fry for a bit until the cheese melts. So good.

8. I also tried making those two ingredient banana pancakes ( two eggs, one banana), and they were ok. I could only taste banana, but they did look like actual pancakes! I topped them with peanut butter, more banana, and a bucket off cream. Haha, were these supposed to be healthy?

9. And the game of the moment has been Dark Souls 2. It’s very good, everyone go play.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Reads

These are the books I read in February.

February Reads

Dan Brown: Inferno
Antony Beevor: The Second World War
Guy Delisle: Shenzhen, Pyongyang, Jerusalem, Burma Chronicles
Satu Rämö and Katja Lahti: Vuoden mutsi
Kelly McGonigal: The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do To Get More of It
Joshua Foer: Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything
Lucy Maud Montgomery: Rilla of Ingleside

Sunday, March 2, 2014

This Week

this week

1. I decided to make liquid hand soap myself. I have found pretty much one soap I’m not allergic to and a half a litre bottle of it costs almost 5 euro's, while a bar of the stuff is about 1 euro. I prefer liquid, it just feels more hygienic to me. Jake joked once that I’m the kind of person who washes the soap before washing their hands with it and I looked at him like he was crazy. Of course, I’d wash the soap first. Anyway, I used this recipe. It called for 1 cup of water per every ounce of soap. My bar was little under 4 ounces, so I went with 4 cups of water, and worried it might be too much. Nope. I could have lifted it out of the kettle with a fork. I reheated and added water, several times, and in the end I finally managed to make it actually liquid after using a total of 10 cups of water. I don’t know if that bar was some kind of super soap, but it sure made a lot of soap. I added a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to make it smell nice.

2. Jake got the new Castlevania game and we spent most of the time on the couch, he playing and I crocheting.

3. Some healthy foods again this week: two pizzas, a whole cake, chocolate, hotdogs, pastries and such. Good thing I’m flossing or I’d die from cavities! Now, I’ll only die from obesity and heart decease.

4. So, this probably doesn’t make sense unless you are Finnish, but I’m going to tell it anyway. I’m from central Finland and Jake is from the northern coast. This results in some differences on dialect, most notable of which (for us) is that when something is for example “really good”, I say “sika hyvä” “pig good” and Jake says “yli hyvä” “over good”. Jake thinks I should leave pigs out of things, and I feel “yli hyvä” sounds like something is too good or overly good, in a sense of “too much of a good thing”. Anyway, Jake was watching a documentary about Teemu Selänne, probably the most famous Finnish hockey player of all time, and in it Teemu said “sika hyvää kahvia” “pig good coffee”! So thank you, Teemu Selänne, for making my boyfriend admit that “sika hyvä” might be a valid expression!

Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week

This week 

There are weeks when I take a lot of pictures. And then there are weeks when I’ve taken exactly …two. Ah, well.

1. We might be going to Florence next autumn! So I got myself Pimsleur’s Italian language course. Maybe I can learn a few words before the trip! I’d absolutely love to go to Florence. I studied art history at Uni and Florence is just full of art and history.

2. We made salmon again this week and despite buying an actual filleting  knife, I still pretty much butchered the poor fish. I think we wont be buying a whole fish again, as I just can’t seem to get enough meat out of it. Still, it was good!

3. And, on the craft front, I’ve been obsessed with an idea to make a pom pom flower bouquet, with pom poms that actually look like flowers. A lot of yarn wasted on practicing as seen above, but I’ll get there! And if I don’t it’s been fun anyway.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Link Friday – DIY Pom Pom Accessories

This weeks links are all about pom poms, again, but I thought I’d concentrate on accessories this time! If you want to see all previous pom pom projects, click here.

DIY Pom Pom Acc

1. Pom pom hair clips. Lovely, I especially love the pastel colours.

2. Crocheted pom pom hair ties. I think I’ll try this in white.

3. Pom pom keychain. Fun and colourful and easy to see where you last left your keys!

4. Pom pom bracelet. Chic isn’t the first word I’d use to describe pom poms, but this bracelet certainly is.

5. Pom pom statement necklace. You’d definitely make a statement with this necklace!

6. Pompom shoe clip. So cute. I’ve made something like this with tulle, but I think I’ll try again with yarn.