Sunday, April 30, 2017

Baby Cardigan

I've never actually liked knitting, mainly because I keep dropping stitches. When crocheting you only have that one loop to worry about, knitting there are usually dozens. But recently I decided to give bamboo needles a go, and they are a total game changer! They are a lot stickier than metal needles (but not in a bad way), so the stitches don't fall off. So weirdly, I've actually enjoyed knitting! Huh. So much so, that I've knitted Em three cardigans.

I'm by no means an expert or even that good, but it's been really nice to craft something after a long break, so I've just enjoyed the process.

And it's fun to learn new skills! First thing I learned was that I knit very loosely. I've since invested in another set of needles in a smaller size.

The pattern is Little Petunia by Drops Design. Yes, all three cardigans are the same, just in three different sizes.  Patterns on their site are so great because they are available in many languages, including Finnish. They also have videos demonstrating different parts of the pattern, such as how to pick stitches from the edge, great for a knitting novice such as myself.

I used Novita Nalle yarn which is 75% wool 25% polyamide. It only took about one skein per cardigan. For buttons I picked wooden ones.

I've since amassed a huge collection of knitting patterns to try next. Pinterest is great for this. I've also rediscovered Ravelry. Mainly patterns for baby clothes and toys. Baby clothes are a great beginner project since they are so small, they are fast to make, even if you have to stop to look a video every once in a while.

Here are all three. I think they are pretty cute in all they wonky glory. To think I learned to like knitting!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Toy Thrift Haul

Long time, no thrift haul. But I have one now! It's a bit of different one, because, yes, we had a baby.

A few words about this haul.

Firstly, most of these are toys that my kid doesn't play with yet. For the first three months she wasn't interested in toys at all, and now at six months she mostly likes soft crinkly toys. But baby toys are expensive, so I've been picking up toys I think will be interesting to her down the line, because you never know if you'll find them again second hand.

Secondly, I personally like wooden toys and hope she will, too...

Thirdly, there is a lot of BRIO here. I feel like it's a good brand with quality toys that will stand time.

Polar bear soft toy 2€. This is one of the first toys I bought her before she was born. I was pretty adamant not to buy her any. Firstly, because I was sure something would go wrong and secondly, newborns don't really play with any toys. But I liked the neutral coloring and the semi-realistic look so it came home with me. It said to hand-wash, but I just threw it in the machine, because I wanted to get it thoroughly clean and it came out fine. Jake named it Johannes and M. loves it.

Wooden BRIO sorting box 3,50€. It's missing one block, but whatever. I think this will be a good pedagogic toy, when she's a bit older.

Wooden BRIO pounding bench 1,80€. The hammer looks like it's taken a beating (har, har), but it seems sturdy still. I'm sure it would look like this pretty soon even if bought new. I've heard kids love these, and and I'd rather she pounded this than something breakable.

Wooden BRIO train set 20€. Ok, so, this was a bit expensive to my taste, but when I did a bit od research just that locomotive costs around 8€. I remember playing with a set like this when I was a kid and loving it. I'm keeping an eye out for additional pieces.

Wooden IKEA stacking lighthouse 2€. I think this will be fun to play with and to learn the colors too.

A huge pile of wooden blocks 11,50€. I bought these in three separate occasions.

Wooden BRIO bell rattle 3€. This she just started to play with. She loves crabbing it and hitting it against the floor. She's on the verge of starting to crawl and this will probably bee more fun then, because it rolls away.

That's all for now. I do always try to keep an eye out for toys and clothes when thrifting. Babies grow so fast.
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