Sunday, August 26, 2012

Granny Square Blanket

I saw this blanket on Muita ihania. And just fell in love.

I loved the cross pattern of it, and what a clever use of the old granny square it was. I bought yarn right a way determined to make one just like it, only in different shades of grey.

Then I saw this. Uh. Oh.

Long story short.



It hasn’t been blocked and my skills as a photographer are somewhat lacking, but I really, really love it.


It took me the whole summer to finish it. Just finishing all the ends took two weeks! But it was so worth it. And I liked how before I started to sew all the squares together it was a very portable. i could just take a bit of yarn and a hook with me, oh anywhere, and do a square or two.

There were moments I thought I’d never see the end of this project. I sewed all the squares together without finishing any ends and the wrong side was just so hairy! Tiina from Muita ihania said on her blog post that on her blanket the wrong side looked nice also, and for a long time i couldn’t believe mine would. But it does. Sigh of relief.


During the whole project I thought I’d do a thin white edging for it to make it neater, but now I kind of prefer it this way.
The yarn I used is 75% wool so it is really warm, just in time for autumn!
EDIT: You can find the pattern here.


  1. Do you have a pattern?

    1. Pattern now here:

  2. What colors of gray yarn did you use? This is beautiful. I don't know where I'd find such a perfect range of grays.

  3. beautiful blanket. What method did you use to attach the squares?


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