Thursday, July 31, 2008

Liquorice Allsorts

I have a thing for crocheted food. It's so cute! I talk a lot about usefulness of items, and crocheted food has no use! I wish I could say I was crocheting them as play food for a child or something, but really I'm crocheting them for myself. I even have a cake stand to display them. It's like an imaginary tea party. Of a mad hatter.
Anyhow, these liquorice (or licorice) are really easy to make. You just crochet squares (mine were 7 sc wide and 5 rows high, but you should adjust the measurements according to your yarn and hook sizes) in black, white, and other colors of your choice. This a good project for using up leftover yarn. To assemble, place the squares in the order you want on top of each other. In the picture I have color-black-color, and color-black-white-black-color liquorice. Both the top layers should be of the same color. Sew together through all layers with the color of the top layers.
That's it! It's a very quick project.


  1. love licorice specially the layer kind "all sorts" thanks for sharing all your patterns..they are great (-:

  2. These are so cute - I'll have to try!!

  3. Thank you! I'd love to see them!

  4. Hi ! Can I use this pattern too in my blog ?



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