Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood Amigurumi Bear

037 038 Excuse the monster title. I wanted to be sure to get all characteristics included.

Also, at first there is no light and then there’s too much light.

This is probably my favourite of all the amigurumis I’ve ever made (that’s not a lot though). Anyway, she’s just too cute!

The story: I really liked all those cute big headed amigurumis I kept seeing all around the Internet, but as I was just starting out my amigurumi hobby, I really could not figure out how to make one without a pattern. I don’t own a credit card, and have no money anyway to purchase those cute patterns people are selling.

However, (eventually) I realized I could get the results I wanted by combining patterns. So, the head for my little bear is made with the amineko pattern and all the rest is from this cute bear pattern from Crochetville. I did some changes on the bear pattern; in the legs I didn’t crochet in the back loops and I made the arms poseable.

I have no idea how I managed to make the hood. I was just staring at my new cute bear, and thought she would look even cuter with a hood. Insanity. I crocheted and took the hood out countless of times, and all in all spend probably more time doing the damned hood, than the bear itself. Horror.

But I was right. She is even cuter with the hood.


  1. love the hood, she is the cutest ami I have seen. good job. and very creative using two different patterns.

  2. Hey, Kathy! Thanks for your super sweet comment! <3

  3. Aw! So cute! I would love to make one! The only crocheted thing i made is my amigurumi octopus :)
    So you made the head using the pattern from amineko then the body from the body pattern at crochetville?

  4. well worth the time spent. LOVELY !

  5. hi kathy, you had inspired me.. so i made my own little red ... here is the link :

  6. How'd you make the arms poseable? Saftey eyes?

  7. I used needle and thread. I just sew through the arm and the body and the other arm, and then back again through the exact same spot (this is important!).
    I did this a few times to make it sturdy.
    Hope this helps.

  8. OMG! This is adorable. I have to make this. About the hood, did you sew the ears on hood or did you make slits?

  9. Thank you! :) The hood has slits and is fully removable.

  10. Hi, can I use this pattern in my blog ?


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