Thursday, September 4, 2008

Donuts and Cookies

Some days it's just impossible to get good pictures. I'm going to blame the lighting again.
The pink donut was made with this pattern. It turned out cute and tiny, because in Finland thread is so much thinner compared to what the pattern called for. In America everything really is bigger, I guess. The blue one is bigger even though you cannot probably tell it by looking at the picture.
EDIT: The pattern seems to have disappeared, here's a similar one.
The Oreo pattern is from here. I've never eaten Oreo's as you cannot get them in Finland, but we have a very similar cookie (at least in looks) called Domino. So, I think these as Dominos. They look convincingly real; I had to stop my father from trying to eat one.


  1. Can I have a pack of these, please...

  2. If U are from finland...
    Do You know Estonia ??
    (I am from there)


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