Monday, November 3, 2008

How to Crochet an Amigurumi Onigiri

It's been awhile since I last posted a pattern.
I've never tasted onigiri, but would like to. In the meanwhile here is a crocheted version.
I tried to write as clearly as possible, but if you have any questions, please ask.
Because of the triangular shape, sc inc would be insufficient, and instead the increases are done crocheting 4 sc in to a sc.
Chain 2 in white.
  1. In to the second ch from the hook sc 6.
  2. Sc inc around (12).
  3. *Sc in the next sc 4 times, sc in the next 3* twice, 4 sc in the next, sc in the next 5 (21).
  4. *Sc in the next sc 4 times, sc in the next 6* twice, 4 sc in the next, sc in the next 8 (30).
  5. *Sc in the next sc 4 times, sc in the next 9* twice, 4 sc in the next, sc in the next 11 (39).
  6. *Sc in the next sc 4 times, sc in the next 12* twice, 4 sc in the next, sc in the next 14 (48).
  7. *Sc in the next sc 4 times, sc in the next 15* three times(57).
Finish off. Make two.
Chain 57 in white, join with a slip stitch.
  1. Sc around
  2. Sc around.
  3. Sc around.
Join in to the back loops of the edge of the first triangle, and then on to the second triangle, matching the corners carefully. I suggest you start from the middle of one edge of the triangles, this way you can hide it under the nori part.
Chain 10 in black or dark green (I used black). Sc in to second hook from the hook and across (9). Turn. Sc 28 rows like this. Finish of and sew on to the onigiri.
As always, you could sew on a cute face;)


  1. This is totally awesome! I'm making my own right now as a little Christmas gift!

  2. Thanks! Please send me a picture! I'd love to see how it looks!

  3. Hi! I think this is splendid, but I am having some truble. I have been working on this for a couple days and finally got the triangular shape worked out (having never done a triangle beffore :), but now that I am ready to join in teh backloops of teh triangles...I am unsure how you mean to do this. Did you Finish Off the long white strip before joining it to the triangle? Did you just sew it on to join? I am lost here.
    I woule also like to know if you used acryclic yarn and what sized hook you used.
    I went with cotton and a F hook, but it is kinda wonky; acrylic would have filled in much nicer.
    Thanks for your time, I am eagerly awaiting your response! <3

  4. Hello Alicia! Yes, I did finish it off before sewing it in to the triangles. I'm sorry for being unclear! I used whipsticth, I think it's called in English? I used cotton yarn and size 1,75 hook. Hope this helps!

  5. wow! I made one a long time ago, but i started at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Oh and Onigiri's are soooo good. I make them for lunch all the time. n_n

  6. Hi! I really like your onigiri, it looks really pretty. I have been looking for a pattern to an ongiri, and I am thankful that you share yours.
    But I am not used to patterns in English (I am swedish) and don't understand your description from step 3... Could you please tell in more detail? Thank you beforehand! I would be so thankful.
    P.S. I chosed to post the comment as anonymous, because my googler doesn't work... I will try to fix it (I call myself Glassig).

  7. Hi, can I use this pattern in my blog translated into estonian?

    PS! All the patterns I take from another pages, I make the pictures my own and I maybe do something over myself .


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