Friday, November 21, 2008

Magic Ring

I've been making amigurumis for... a year, maybe? I forget.

But I only now managed to try starting with a magic ring. And it's so much better!

With chain 2 start, while it's easy, there sometimes remains a sort of bulging chain. If you use the chain two you probably now what I mean.

But with magic ring the first round is all smooth and pretty. No bulging. Here is a great tutorial.

I'm not going to change my previous patterns (lazy!), but when it's mentioned to start with "chain 2", you can of course start with magic ring. In fact, I recommend it.


  1. i like this!~~

  2. Hi, YangYang! I'm glad:) I've written only about crafts so far, but might write about other things at some point, like about China... :)

  3. I agree. The magic Ring is the best thing since sliced bread! It makes for a more tighter center.


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