Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chevron Blanket


I really loved the granny square blanket I made, but my boyfriend keeps hogging it. The chevron seems to be really in right now, and after seeing several patterns for knit blankets I decided to make one for myself.

Black and white FTW!


The pattern I used is from here (in Finnish), but there are several similar patterns around there. This for example. I loved this pattern because it’s so easy. It might not look easy, but it is. Just knit stitches all around with decrease or increase every tenth stitch on the right side. This was so much faster to make than the granny square one, just a few weeks.


My knitting was much tighter in the beginning and then became looser. Also the blanket is quite heavy and it also started to stretch a bit towards the end. So, one end ended up being a bit wider. A bit annoying. Still, it’s very soft and perfect for watching TV on the sofa and maybe it’ll shrink if i wash it? Maybe.


Speaking of TV, we just started watching Once upon a time. I like the fairy tales, the bf likes Robert Carlyle, perfect for both.


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