Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painted Clay Flower Pots

I had these basic terracotta clay pots for flowers. I’m not really into orange so I decided to paint them.


I spray painted the insides bright neon pink and painted the outsides with the same grey paint I used in the kitchen.


I think it looks pretty nice. Muted with a pop of colour.

I’ve used them for a while now, hence the muddy plates.


A very fast and easy project.


  1. These are so cute! I love the idea of having a surprise pop of color in regular plant pots. I'm seriously going to have to do this when I get potted plants next.

    Can I also just say how much your comment on my dressing for heat post meant? I'm so glad it was helpful to you! And I hope you have an amazing trip. Hong Kong sounds incredible!

  2. Could you tell me what the plant on the far left is? In the middle picture. I have one but I have no idea what its called. Thank you!

    1. Hey! It's called "amerikanmuori" in Finnish, but I have no idea what the English name could be. I did a quick Googling, but couldn't find it, maybe you'll have better luck. :)


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