Saturday, May 11, 2013

It’s OK banner

I saw this banner via A Cup of Jo, and just instantly knew it was for me. However, I am poor, and did not have the money to buy one. But I could make one!



I’m extremely happy how it turned out. And the message is something I really needed right now.


I need to iron it out and find a place for it, but I pinned it to the bedroom wall for now. And it is very calming and reassuring.


  1. Sehän applikointi. Huraa!

    1. Oli ihan hauska tehä. Ja helppo kun huopa ei rispaannu. Seuraavaksi voisikin tehdä sellaisen, jossa lukee hurraa!

  2. Hi - could I request removal of this "diy"? I find it a bit offensive the way you present it as super easy to make, when I'm the one who designed it. I cannot prevent anyone from imitating my work for their own home, but I would appreciate you not telling people to do it. I hope you can understand where I'm coming from. This design is the basis of my business, my livelihood, and your diy keeps popping up on google and pinterest. It hurts a little every time I see it re-pinned. Thank you! Ashley

    1. Hey, Ashley! I'm sorry to have caused you pain, it was never my intention. I've removed from the text all mention about materials I used and what I did. I really admire your work! Sorry again!


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