Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Independence Day!


Today is the independence day here in Finland and, being on a bit of a wreath kick, I decided to make an (independence) wreath for our door.


I was inspired by this tutorial on Bleubird blog. For colours I chose three different shades of blue and two different shades of white. I didn’t have a wreath base, so just cut two rounds from a pizza box and wrapped them with blue yarn to make the base more sturdy. Once I had a mound of pom-poms and was running out of yarn, I started to tie them onto the base. Then realized that I didn’t have enough and had to make some more. The wreath takes a huge amount of pom-poms, but they are so much fun to make, I didn’t mind.


I’m already thinking about other colour combinations to try. White and different shades of red, with a green bow. Or all white with a red bow.


I know that in some countries independence day is a huge party with fireworks and stuff, but we are just going to burn candles, eat cream cake, visit the graveyard and watch the president’s independence day reception.

Happy independence day!


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