Monday, September 28, 2015

Ukulele on the wall


I’ve been running into guitars hung on the wall on Pinterest. I thought they looked so cool, but when I suggested to Jake that we hang his guitars on the wall for decoration, he wanted none of it. Huh. Fine, I’ll just hang my ukulele then!

However, it turns out is very difficult to find a ukulele wall holder, and impossible to find a nice looking one. All I found were bulky plastic contraptions. And I wanted something pretty!
Pinterest had some ideas, but I couldn’t find a lot of the supplies needed, like an utility hook. I couldn’t even find a Finish word for that. What is that?


So here’s what I came up with:
  • a wooden oval from the craft section at the super market, 50% off because no one wanted it, it was fate, clearly
  • white paint to paint the oval
  • two long screws
  • white yarn for crocheting two tubes to cover the screws
  • a ton of super strong two-sided tape to fix it on the wall
I worked! And it hasn’t come down. Aaaand, I love it! It hangs on the wall right next to my computer, so I’ve found myself playing a lot more, too. Win-win.

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