Friday, January 15, 2016

Easy Fabric Covered Book DIY

This is really the easiest project in the world, but here goes.

First you need a book. I'm determined to learn to play my ukulele better this year, so I ordered this Ukulele for Dummies book. Tells something about my amazing ukulele skills! 

But it's a really good book. It starts with very basic things and moves to, from what I can tell from glancing it through, very complex ones. Everything is explained very clearly, including the strumming. When I tried to learn it from the Internet (as you do), most of the advice was on the lines of here are the chords, just strum what sounds the best. Er... Can't do that, I'm afraid. But Ukulele for Dummies explains it beautifully.
Now, my one problem with this book is the cover. Yes, how shallow! In my defense, it's bright yellow and looks like a sale notice. I've been keeping it in a drawer so I don't have to look at it all the time, and getting it out when I wanted to practice felt like a chore.
So I covered it with fabric.
This project is seriously super easy and only takes a few minutes. I just took an old striped pillow case, cut it up and just glued it straight on the cover. That's it! 
It is slightly see through, but not enough to trouble me.
I think if you have several books you'd like to cover, they would look really cool covered with different patterns. Flea markets are always full of old mismatched pillow cases. You could even use handkerchiefs or scarfs.

I'll never suffer an ugly book cover again!

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