Friday, May 6, 2016

Quick Tip: Sewing Leather

Just popping in here to share another quick tip. 

When sewing leather you are apparently not supposed to pin it, because pins will leave holes in the material. Also, trying to push a pin through leather is durn hard, I've discovered. I did try, and bend about five pins out of shape before giving up. 

So what to do? I saw a suggestion to use paperclips instead, but I actually don't have any. Shocking, I know, but we try to keep things as paperless as possible. 

What I do have, however, are hair pins. Incidentally, what I used in my last quick tip, too. Is there anything hair pins can't do?

For leather, anyway, they work great. They are easy to use, just push them in place. They have a really good grip, so they will stay put. And they don't leave a hole behind. 

Just don't sew over them like you would with a regular pin. I just pull them out just before I'm about to run over them and they are just perfect.

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