Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Story time: I don't like candles on a cake, or more specifically I don't like the blowing out of candles. It seems just an euphemism for covering the cake in fine film of snot and spit. Lovely.

So, when the Kiddo had her first birthday in, er... October... I went for something different, wait for it... I needle felted the topper. You didn't see that one coming, huh?
Not from the B-actual day.
All joking a side, I wanted something simple and went for a plain sea green "1". You could totally do this with a cookie cutter (like I did with these snowflakes), but I just free handed it. It took quite a while to get right, and I felted it very firmly, so it would stay straight, but once i was satisfied with it I just stuck a toothpick in there. No glue or anything, just pushed it in there. I'm very happy with it! I think it was nice and plain for an innocent one year old. And I can reuse it when she turns ten! Wah, my baby!
This is a blurry still from a video I took. It's all I got, sorry.
Her smash cake was made following this recipe from treats with a twist. I substituted butter for oil and added one tbs of maple syrup, and topped it with whipped cream. I tried it myself and it was quite tasty.

Quite a few people who were at the party asked for the recipes for the things I made and I don't think I followed through... So, if that's you I'm sorry and here they are (mostly in Finnish unfortunately, definitely worth Google translate though). Every one of these is something I will definitely make again! My husband is allergic to eggs, so these are eggless and could be made vegan/vegetarian.

Cream Cheese Filled Rolls from maijalinnea.
Peppermint Chocolate Poke Cake from urbaanivegenda.
Queen of Coffee Cakes from urbaanivegenda.
Cookie Dough Bars (in English) from life's simple measures.
Banoffee, except instead of bananas I used strawberries.

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