Sunday, January 14, 2018


It's a tiny narwhal.
It's official: I have a new hobby, needle felting. And I'm obsessed. 
Now I swim this way.
I still can't believe I made that, haha. I know there are amazing needle felt sculptures out there, but for me... I've never done anything like this and am just so stoked!
I tried needle felting first about a year ago, doing a couple cookie cutter stars (you take a cookie cutter, fill it with wool and use it as a mold), and I loved it. There's something really soothing and addicting about jabbing with a needle... 

But I had a new baby and pretty soon I got overwhelmed with life. Anyway, babies and long needles don't really go well together. But the Kiddo got sick recently and pretty much slept the whole first day, and suddenly I had all this time, and I was like "what do I do, I never have any time!" So I tried needle felting again. And it's still so much fun
This is mah belly.
This time I just went free form, no cookie cutters. I wasn't sure if I could do it, doing a 3D sculpture seemed so much harder, but I'm glad I just went for it. Really, you can't mess needle felt. You can always add more wool or felt it tighter.

The horn, too. I thought a lot about how I'd get the horn to stay rigid and in the end the answer turned out to be: just felt it tightly. Doh.
Just swimmin'.
There are probably a lot of useful tricks and techniques that I'm  unaware of, but for now I'll just go with trial and error. And fun.

Really, i'm just so happy. I haven't felt this exited about a craft since my amigurumi phase.

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