Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Earring Holder

I wear earrings every day. I used to keep them in a medicine organizer, which was working OK, but wasn't too attractive looking.

I saw a picture of an earring holder in a book called Storage & Display (there are also some other really nice ideas in this book). The earring holder in the book was made out of a picture frame and some sewing pins stuck to it to hang chandelier type of earrings. Since I mostly wear stud earrings the pins wouldn't have worked for me.

I wanted to use white fabric as a base, but didn't have any. So I glued some golden linen that i did have to a piece of cardboard and used a big needle to poke holes for the earrings on it. 

It looks a bit like a piece of art, so I keep it on my bookshelf. At first I wasn't so sure of the combination of gold linen and silver earrings, but now I kind of like it. For some reason it reminds me of ancient Egypt. It looks pretty and the earrings are easily accessible.


  1. Ei näy vielä yhtää kommenttia olevan jätetty, joten tässä ensimmäinen. Joyce haluaa oppia tekemään noita kanssa sano et kaikki on hienoja.

  2. Jee! Kommentti! Oon yrittänyt selittää joka kohdassa miten ne tehdään, mut voin neuvoo lisääkin. Kiva et tykkää:)


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