Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Silly Eggs Crochet Pattern

Here is another amigurumi pattern I made for...uh, eggs. Yes. Indeed.
I saw a picture somewhere in the Internet (I’m sorry I don’t remember where!) of a crocheted egg, and it was so cute I wanted to try it for myself. That's the one on the right. Then I made another. With a different face...
Mine is about the size of a regular chicken egg, but I used a really small hook (1, 50) so if you use a bigger one, the egg will be bigger also…
Chain two.
1. 6 sc in the second from the hook
2. 2 sc in each sc around (12 )
3. *sc in the next sc, sc inc in the next sc* repeat around (18)
4. sc around
5. *sc in the next 2 sc, sc inc * (24)
6. sc around
7. sc around
8. *sc in the next 3 sc, sc inc* (30)
9. sc around
10. sc around
11. sc around
12. sc around
13. sc around
14. sc around
15. *sc in the next 3 sc, sc dec* (24)
16. *sc in the next 2 sc, sc dec* (18)
17. *sc in the next sc, sc dec* (12)

Stuff firmly.
Embroider the face.
Sc dec around until you have a small hole, sew shut.
Glue on the felt.

Well, then. You now have a silly egg!
Alternative faces:

P.S. If you try this pattern, please leave a comment! I would also love to see a picture of the finished product:)


  1. What type of yarn is this egg made from and also what size crochet hook? I have not heard of (1, 50) hook.

  2. The yarn is cotton. I know in some countries "the weight" of the yarn tells what hook size it is for, but I've never heard this term used in Finland. It just cotton. The hook sizes I use are in metric, I don't know how they correspond to hook sizes in non-metric countries...

  3. To Anon:

    If you are looking for US terms, a 1,50 hook is a size 8 hook. The cotton is probably size 10 cotton thread. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi! I wrote you an e-mail and maybe you didn't get it. I ask you permission to post on my blog a Portuguese version of your pattern, with credits of course.
    Thank you
    Rafa H

  5. I may still only have blue yarn, but they can be blue eggs. I'm sure my birdie won't mind! ;D

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  7. Can I use this pattern in my blog ??


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