Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Padded Hanger

I have a few dresses that seem to be unable stay on a hanger. They just slide off into a crumpled pile amongst my shoes. And that's just not hygienic...

This is another project inspired by Storage & Display (I love that book!).

I made my hanger out of one of those free, ugly plastic hangers they use to hang clothes in stores. I was going to throw it away and then thought "...or I could decorate it".

I just cut a piece of fabric little bigger than the hanger, sew the top edge with machine (right sides facing each other), leaving a small hole in the middle for the hook part. The fabric is a quite horrible camo pattern, I know, but it was what I had laying around. Also, I think there is something sort of cool about hanging your dress on a camo hanger... Moving on: turn the right side out, insert the hanger, stuff, and hand sew the bottom edge. A pain, but had to be done. Sew on the buttons to keep the garment from sliding off. The buttons are from an old blouse; I'm all for recycling.

P.S. Hyvää syntymäpäivää, isä!

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