Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shopping Bag

Here in Finland, when you go grocery shopping, the plastic bags are not free, you have to pay for them. It gets expensive after a while if you have to buy a new bag each time, and for garbage bags it’s cheaper to buy a whole roll of them.

You can buy fabric bags in stores, they are cheap, 2€ I think, but they are of non-dyed cotton and not very pretty. So, I decided to make one for myself.


I keep it in my handbag, and you can see I fished it out from there for this photo. It’s bit dusty and wrinkled, but at least you get a realistic picture of what it actually looks like in use…

It’s smoke-blue linen (almost the same colour as the wall…), with some sequins for embellishment.


On a side note, in Finland, you bag your own groceries, there is no-one to do it for you. We’re big on self-service… It caused great confusion when I tried to do it in China.

Friday, April 24, 2009

On Flea Markets

Some people (well, one anyway) have wondered how I always seem to find something from the flea markets. But the thing is, I don’t. A lot of times I go in, wonder around for an hour and come out having bought nothing.

Sometimes you just go to the flea market and find nothing.

Then again, sometimes you find loads of things, or you find just one thing. That’s how it goes.

The key is to go often, and just look around with an open mind. You probably wont find those black pumps you need today, but chances are you will run in to them eventually. Here are some things I’ve found helpful:

  • Keep a list of things you need or collect (for me: teaspoons, Arabia-bread plates, fabric, shoes…) and always check them out.
  • Look under piles. Most people don’t bother, so there are sometimes really great pieces of fabric or jewellery under some uninteresting stuff.
  • Don’t get too fixated on your list. You can run in to some great things, you had not thought of or never heard of before.
  • Take cash with you. Preferably coins or small notes. Flea markets are quite cheap and I think paying with unnecessary large notes is kind of rude. You’ll just be robbing them of all their change.
  • Like said, go often. There is (usually) just one of each item in flea markets, so don’t miss it.
  • Also, you have to make some fast decisions, that item is not likely going to be there tomorrow anymore. However, don’t be too rash, you might end up with a lot of unnecessary stuff. I know I have. So get to know yourself, what you need and what you will actually use and get enjoyment out of.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find anything. And don’t buy something just so you wouldn’t have to leave empty handed. If there is nothing this time. It just means you saved some money for the time you do find something great!

Here are some things I’ve found lately










Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Mother Has a Blog

So, my mother decided to start a blog. Check it out if you want to know where I get my passion for crafts from…

I have several things she’s made. The pictures are horrible, I’m sorry.

Chair covers.


Stained glass dragonfly.


She’s writing in Finnish, but there are a lot of pictures.

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