Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Crochet an Amigurumi Strawberry

The Berry
With red yarn chain 5.
  1. Sc in the second ch, sc on the next two ch, sc 3 times in the last chain, turn work and work on the other side of the chains, sc in the next two ch, sc twice on the last chain (10).
  2. Sc around (10).
  3. *Sc, sc inc* around (15).
  4. Sc around (15).
  5. *Sc on the next two, sc inc* around (20).
  6. Sc around (20).
  7. Sc around (20).
  8. *Sc on the next 3, sc inc* around (25).
  9. Sc around (25).
  10. Sc around (25).
  11. *Sc on the next 3, sc dec* around (20).
  12. *Sc on the next 2, sc dec* around (15).
  13. *Sc, sc dec* around (10), stuff.
  14. Sc dec around (5).
Sew the hole shut and finish off.
With green yarn sew random spots on the strawberry.
The Leaves
With green yarn make magic ring.
  1. Sc 6.
  2. *Sc, sc inc* around (12).
  3. *Chain 6, sc on the second ch from the hook, sc on the next 4 ch, sl st on the next sc* around (12 leaves).
Finish off, and sew the leaves on to the strawberry.


  1. Hey ! Nice to see you're back with lovely patterns !
    Thanks !

  2. Thank you! We'll see how it goes... :)

  3. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I was looking for - my strawberry came out fantastic!

  4. Aww, that's great! I'd love to see it!

  5. Hi, I'm new on crochet & I barely can understand the instructions. But, I would love to make cute stuff like yours, I have a question, what do you mean by "sc" in the instructions? n_n

    1. SC is single crochet, learn how to do it in here


  6. Can I use this pattern in my blog ?


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