Friday, June 18, 2010

More Fabric Napkins

I’m really fond of my fabric napkins. I used to have just one kind, but recently I’ve made a few different kinds. I really like this! I can just pick one that suits my mood at the moment.

muuta 056

Ironing isn’t really my thing…

I’ve rummaged flea markets for the materials, and you can really find great fabrics there for cheap. The white with black pattern I made from a dressing gown, the black from a sheet (good for greasy or messy food), the white polka-dotted are from a night gown (I’m a bit afraid to actually use these) and the striped from a man’s button down shirt (my favourite!).

There are a lot of nice patterns in men's shirts, I think a set of different kinds of plaid patterns would be wonderful!


  1. Hi,

    Those napkins are beautiful! I just got through speaking with someone who does exactly what you're doing. What a great idea. I work for a company that sells personalized napkins to the hospitality industry and we do offer some linen napkins. My wife would love those colors. I will let her know about your site.

  2. i am really inspired by your fabric napkins :) i think i'll try making some myself :) did you do anything special to them, or just put a basic hem on them? :)

  3. Hey, thanks!
    It's just a basic hem. The corners were a bit tricky to get nice, but here's a good tutorial for that .


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