Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lace Jar Lantern


Sticking with the lace theme, I saw these doily covered jars, at Pinterest I think, but can’t find the source anymore. Anyway, the idea is just to cover a glass jar in glue, stick a doily on it and light a votive inside, ta-dah, a lantern.

Easy enough. The jar used to hold jalapenos and the lace is a tablecloth or possibly a curtain from the thrift store. I only used a small corner of it for this. I’m thinking maybe I’ll use the rest for a cushion, or twenty more lanterns… I like how the lace isn’t overly romantic, but a bit more angular, while still being totally cosy.

This was such a one minute project. I didn’t even wait for the glue to dry before lighting it.  So easy and fast. And cute. Cute is important.

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