Monday, February 25, 2013

Yarn Ampersand

I know ampersands are a bit in at the moment, but I wanted to do a yarn covered something. I couldn’t really figure out a letter I’d want to look at and an ampersand seemed nicely ambiguous.


The pictures don’t really show the true colour, which is a much deeper mint.

A mini-tutorial:


I first free-handed the shape onto paper and then traced it onto cardboard.



I covered the ends and the overlapping parts with yarn first and taped it in place. Then I just started to wrap the yarn over the other parts and took care to cover all the tape and endings.


From the front.


And here is the back. You could make it equally petty on both sides, but I didn’t think that necessary. I’ll either hang it up on the wall or put it in the bookcase. And hope no-one picks it up…


The wrapping isn’t perfect, but I don’t mind handmade things to look handmade.


It worked better than I thought and I’m very happy with it!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painted Clay Flower Pots

I had these basic terracotta clay pots for flowers. I’m not really into orange so I decided to paint them.


I spray painted the insides bright neon pink and painted the outsides with the same grey paint I used in the kitchen.


I think it looks pretty nice. Muted with a pop of colour.

I’ve used them for a while now, hence the muddy plates.


A very fast and easy project.

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