Sunday, August 5, 2018

Linen tote

My adventures with black linen continue! Confession: I bought FIVE METERS of black linen, so the adventures are likely to continue for some time. But this is volume two: the linen tote.
I thought I was going to use this just for groceries, but you guys, this tote is PERFECT (if I may say so myself) and I've just been using it as a handbag. When you make stuff yourself you truly get exactly what you want.
Most fabric tote bags are sort of small and one-dimensional (you know, two pieces sewn around with one seem) , so for my tote I really went for generous size and added panels for the sides and bottom to really get a 3D effect.
I wasn't going to add pockets (after all it was supposed to be just for groceries), but when I was done I thought "hmm, some pockets would look cool, even if I don't use them, why not?" I've been using the pockets non-stop. They perfectly fit my phone, wallet, lip-balm, handkerchief, hair ties and what ever random crap I carry with me. And they are very secure, nothing has dropped out yet. 
Trying to show of the size.
I tried to make the handles long enough so that I can comfortably carry it on my shoulder, but short enough so that the bag doesn't drag on the ground if I just hold the handles in my hand. It came out just right.
Uh, posing, how does this work?
The large portion fits EVERYTHING. In these photos I stuffed a throw pillow in there and I've used this for shopping, going to the beach (for all three of us), as a diaper bag... It comfortably fits everything. Yet looks good empty, too. And it's super light weight in itself so you wont pull a muscle. I feel like the linen is perfect for this type of bag: durable and light.
And I did french seams again! Not only do they look nice they also add to the structure and sturdiness of the bag. 
Is this better..?
I really can't say enough nice things about this bag (and as you can see, I've tried).
I give up.

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