Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Crochet an Amigurumi Beetroot

The reason I started this blog was that in 2008 I discovered amigurumi. There was so many wonderful free patterns all over the Internet and once I got the hang of it I wanted to give back by sharing my patterns in return. I haven’t done any amigurumi for a long time now, but for some reason I got into my head yesterday that I wanted to crochet a beetroot.
And I did. And it was awesome.
PATTERN (I had to browse through the blog to see how to write a pattern, it’s been such a long time!)
I used wool yarn and 1,75 hook.
  1. sc 6 in magic ring (6)
  2. sc around (6)
  3. *sc, sc inc* around (9)
  4. *sc in the next two, sc inc* around (12)
  5. *sc, sc inc* around (18)
  6. *sc in the next two, sc inc* around (24)
  7. *sc in the next three, sc inc* around (30)
  8. *sc in the next four, sc inc* around (36)
  9. *sc in the next five, sc inc* around (42)
  10. sc around (42)
  11. sc around (42)
  12. sc around (42)
  13. sc around (42)
  14. sc around (42)
  15. *sc in the next five, sc dec* around (36)
  16. *sc in the next four, sc dec* around (30)
  17. *sc in the next three, sc dec* around (24)
  18. *sc in the next two, sc dec* around (18) (you should start stuffing around here before the hole gets too small)
  19. *sc, sc dec* around (12)
  20. sc dec around (6)
Cut yarn and stuff the last bit. Sew shut.
Now the leaves. (wool yarn: it’s hairy)
I just sort of winged it. For the smaller one I chained 11 with the beetroot colour and then changed into green yarn. I slipstitched into second chain from the hook and the next few and then just randomly sc, hdc, dc, tr around in a way that looked good to me. For the larger leaf, I started by chaining 16. I finished the ends and used the beetroot coloured yarn to sew them onto the beet. Let me know if you’d like a more detailed leaf pattern, I could try to whip something up. You could make as many leaves as you wanted of course, I just made two.
Beet from the back.
Beet from the front.
The end.


  1. Hello Riikkael , is a beautiful pattern, like everything you share on this place especially as beautiful, Congratulations, of course I follow you and take you to my blog.
    (\ /)
    ( * *)
    c(')(') Happy Sunday!
    God bless you
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)Tammy Go.


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