Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Granny Square Blanket

Nothing much to say about this except that I love it. And that I think I must make another. These are so much fun to make, even if they take forever. It’s both a small project: crocheting one square takes no time at all and is very portable, and a huge one: sewing all the squares together takes forever and takes up half the sofa, or the floor.
Here’s my first ombre one. And the original idea is from Muita Ihania.
EDIT: You can find the pattern here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Week


I thought I’d make one of these posts, mostly as a sort of reminder for myself, to have something to look back in years to come, to see how I life was when we were young-ish and poor-ish and care free-ish.

1. Jake came to see what on earth I was doing on the balcony, when I was taking pictures of my pumpkins. The balcony has the best light I’ve discovered. And I love those lights, best 15 Euros I’ve spent. They look super romantic in the evenings. I may have forced several people to admire them.

2. New cardigan. I love this. I went to find a hat and came home with this. No luck with the hat. It’s from H&M. I’ve been looking for tribal print cardigan for ages, but this was the first one I’ve seen and it’s perfect.

3. Weird selfie with pursed lips, that’s my concentrated face. I have no pictures of myself, because Jake doesn’t take pictures. Hence the selfie.

4. Pizza Sunday! Tuna, onion, shrimp and mozzarella for me. I always add some spinach and Greek dressing on top. Jake had pineapple, jalapenos, minced meat and pepperoni, I think.

5. New yarn, the best. I started a new project I hope to finish before Christmas or rather before December.

6. Lots of time spend on the sofa watching Jake play. I find these moments really nice. I crochet, he plays, both doing something we love, but still hanging out together. Side note, I really want to add some colour into the living room.

Not pictured: I started ballet this week. It’s for adults who have never before taken ballet lessons. I think it’s just wonderful these kind of courses are available. It was so nice. The teacher is a super sweet Russian ballerina and ballet seemed challenging, but not incomprehensible. I mean, in aerobics classes I’m always  messing up and not able to follow, but here I could understand what I needed to do even if I couldn’t do it. Anyway, it was wonderful and I can’t wait for the next lesson. Tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crochet Pumpkins



We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Finland and I’m not even sure pumpkins like this grow here. Autumn is associated with yellow leaves, apples and rain, but not pumpkins. So I guess these go under the influence of too much Pinterest.

However, aren’t they cute? The pattern is from here. I didn’t use a styrofoam ball, but filled them with polyfill. The pattern didn’t include a pattern for a stem, so I just winged them. I wanted each to have a bit of a different kind of stem, to make them look slightly more natural.



Sunday, October 20, 2013

Striped Yarn Wreath


I’m so surprised how nicely this came out. I just had an idea and went for it. I started it late one evening and just used what I already had at home. The base was two circles I cut out of a cardboard box for frozen pizza (tuna, my favourite). I drew on them a few guidelines to see about where I wanted the stripes to be and then just started wrapping black and white yarn over the cardboard. First I did a thinner layer to see how it looked and then did another layer over it to make it thicker and even out the stripes a bit. They aren’t measured, but I think they are even enough. Perfection is boring, right? :) Plus, I knew if I’d to try to make it perfect, I’d never even get started.

I wanted the bow to have some texture, so I threw “Crochet Pattern” in the Google image search and chose this one. I think it has just the right amount of interest, not too plain, not too complicated. I crocheted the pattern until it looked long enough, then just wrapped yarn over the middle to make a bow. I sewed it on the wreath and forced my boyfriend to admire it.

I’m so happy with this! I think it would be easily customizable for different seasons and colour  preferences. White and green stripes and a red bow for Christmas, for example.



Saturday, October 19, 2013



1. Can we just pretend it is still Autumn? Snow in October is indecent, even in Finland. The above picture was taken yesterday. I started to take daily walks last spring and fresh air every day has been so wonderful. I hope to keep it up through the snow, too.

2. I have actually managed to complete a few craft projects (including yet another blanket and a striped wreath) and I’ll be sharing them soon. It seems my craft projects are tied to the amount I spend on the sofa staring at the TV. I’ve mainly watched Sons of Anarchy or my boyfriend play GTA. It’s been oddly relaxing.

3. I finally got a smart phone (hence the picture above). I know everyone else has had one for years. But we went to Hong Kong and my father bought both my brother and me new phones (Thank you Dad!). So I might finally get an Instagram account, even though there’s no official app for my phone (Lumia) yet.

4. This post was mainly meant to get me back to blogging. Sometimes I  just don’t craft that much, so there’s nothing to post. But lately I’ve noticed I have several finished projects that just need to be photographed and posted. So those will be coming up soon! Thanks for reading!

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