Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week

This week 

There are weeks when I take a lot of pictures. And then there are weeks when I’ve taken exactly …two. Ah, well.

1. We might be going to Florence next autumn! So I got myself Pimsleur’s Italian language course. Maybe I can learn a few words before the trip! I’d absolutely love to go to Florence. I studied art history at Uni and Florence is just full of art and history.

2. We made salmon again this week and despite buying an actual filleting  knife, I still pretty much butchered the poor fish. I think we wont be buying a whole fish again, as I just can’t seem to get enough meat out of it. Still, it was good!

3. And, on the craft front, I’ve been obsessed with an idea to make a pom pom flower bouquet, with pom poms that actually look like flowers. A lot of yarn wasted on practicing as seen above, but I’ll get there! And if I don’t it’s been fun anyway.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Link Friday – DIY Pom Pom Accessories

This weeks links are all about pom poms, again, but I thought I’d concentrate on accessories this time! If you want to see all previous pom pom projects, click here.

DIY Pom Pom Acc

1. Pom pom hair clips. Lovely, I especially love the pastel colours.

2. Crocheted pom pom hair ties. I think I’ll try this in white.

3. Pom pom keychain. Fun and colourful and easy to see where you last left your keys!

4. Pom pom bracelet. Chic isn’t the first word I’d use to describe pom poms, but this bracelet certainly is.

5. Pom pom statement necklace. You’d definitely make a statement with this necklace!

6. Pompom shoe clip. So cute. I’ve made something like this with tulle, but I think I’ll try again with yarn.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Cloud Placemats Tutorial

Here’s a fast and easy tutorial for cloud shaped placemats. These are perfect for kids because not only are they cute, but they are plastic and easy to wipe clean.

DIY Cloud Placemats Tutorial

I made these for my nephews, and thought I’d take a few pictures during the process.


What you need is a basic placemat. Plastic is good because it wont fray when you cut it. It can be any colour. These were for two boys aged one and three, so I chose blue. But I think with white colour or a nice pattern, even grown ups could use these.

You’ll also need paper for the pattern. You could also draw directly onto the backside of the placemats, but I wanted to keep them clean and decided to make a separate pattern.

I didn't have big enough paper for the mat, so I taped three sheets together.

After that place the mat on top of the paper and draw around the edges.


Now you have a basic pattern you can use as a guide, when you draw your cloud.

I wanted the placemat to be as big as possible, so I left one side untouched and just made very simple cloud shape on top. It wont matter if you make mistakes at this point.

When I was happy with the shape, I cut it out. Now you have a cloud pattern, you can use to make several placemats. I saved mine, in case I want to make more in the future.

Then just place the pattern on top of the wrong side of the placemat and draw it on to it. I made two that were mirror images of each other.


The picture isn’t the clearest, but hopefully you can see the lines faintly there.

Then just cut along the pattern and you have a cloud shaped placemat! It’s very easy, really. And once you have the pattern, it’s just a matter of drawing and cutting.

The boys really seem to like them!

Monday, February 17, 2014

This Week

this week

1. I spend the week at the town where I grew up. I had forgotten how many birch trees and hills there are in central Finland compared to where I live now. The weather was very warm and wet. And Lili got quite muddy.

2. I spend most of my weeks with these guys. Aka Mum and Dad. Mostly here in the living room, but Mum and I managed to do some shopping and Dad and I visited a Kaj Stenvall exhibition, where the staff was very talkative and knew nothing about art.

3. Of course, we watched the Olympics as Mum really likes winter sports. From one couch to a next on this trip!

4. Dad introduced me to Guy Delisle’s graphic novels and I read four during my stay. They were very good, I loved all the little observations.

5. Here’s what I brought home from this part of my trip. Yarn and some knitting needles Mum didn’t need anymore. Dad had made me these awesome wooden book ends, I’m going to put them on my nightstand. I visited an old manor house that’s been turned into a shop with all kinds of fun little things. There I bought a small Yankee Candle in Orchard Pear, that I put in a honey jar from a thrift store (I thought it looked cute). I also got two sauna scents: honey and mint, and blueberry. Jake and I have pretty much established eucalyptus as our all time favourite sauna scent, but I thought these would be fun to try. Or possibly gross, but we’ll see. I also bought a egg frying mould thing, a round place mat, and a Lumene nail polish in 25 Little Miss from another shop.

6. When I got home, I found that Jake had bought three Moomin towels for me as a surprise! I love Moomins and these are adorable.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Link Friday – Dog DIYs

I’ve spent the past week visiting my parents. They have the cutest little Tibetan Spaniel called Lili and I’ve spent most of my time here playing with her. So this week I’ll share a few dog related projects!


1. Pupsicle DIY Project. I really like this picture + paw print combo.

2. DIY dog art – paw painting. If you want to be a bit more artsy. I’m afraid with Lili this would make a huge mess as she has such a long hair.

3. DIY Dog Toy. Lili’s favourite toy is an empty water bottle, here’s an idea to make one a bit more aesthetic. With an old sock!

4. DIY: Holiday Doggy Donut Toys. Another sock project, and this could be made with any sock, so not necessary a holiday project. I’ll have to keep an eye out for fun patterns.

5. DIY: Doggie Bow Tie. Too. Cute.

Monday, February 10, 2014

This Week


1. The weather has been very warm and grey. And wet. And it is so nice, I feel like human again and not just a bundle of clothes.

2. I’ve been travelling around Finland this week, visiting friends and family. Travelling is so expensive, i think it’s better to do all the places at the same time. I’ve also managed to do some shopping. I’ve bought: drawing pads, a BB-cream (never tried, very excited to), an eye-liner with a pen like tip, a fabric basket, some mesh travel cubes, two very cute re-usable shopping bags with birds on them, an eye cream and two different face creams (they were buy two and get one free).

3. I haven’t been on the train since August and it was my first time ever paying for an adult ticket! I spent the time doodling and watching The Mindy Project, which I’ve re-discovered. I got into it last year, when on the 10 hour flight home from Hong Kong I watched all the episodes they had, and then the rest of the first season when I got home. I remembered it again last week, and I so love it.

4. Like said, I’ve been travelling. My first stop was at my cousins, where I spend two nights hanging out with her and her two kids, eating pizza and donuts and having a good chat. Then I spent two nights at my friends place. We did quite a bit shopping and drinking and watching the Olympics. She still lives at the city where we went to Uni, and it looked both familiar and different. It was nice to be in a city with a lot of shops. I had made a list of all the places I wanted to visit.

5. We also went to a place called Daddy’s Diner which has a cake bar. Those cake’s are so good. So. Good. Last time I got the pecan pie, this time I went with a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie, with extra cream. Yeah. So good.

6. My last stop is at my parents, and that’s where I’m now. Cuddling the dog and eating home cooked food and wondering if I really did live here and how small everything looks.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Link Friday – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t actually celebrated in Finland in a way it is in many places. It’s just called “the friendship day” here and the most you can expect is a card. But it seems like such a cute holiday and there are so many lovely DIYs floating around, I couldn’t resist listing a few I would make if this holiday did existed in Finland.


1. DIY Anthropologie Valentine’s pillows. I love the simple design of these, and they are grey! My favourite colour.

2. Heart milk cubes. This is such a sweet, simple and fast DIY.

3. Heart shaped wreath. Well, what can i say? I can’t get enough of pom poms or wreaths. The colours are really nice too, with the white making it really fresh.

4. La La Love You Valentine Pillow. Simple and beautiful.

5. Love day pennant flags. Adorable. This is actually something i might do, as it’s not so tied to the Valentine’s day. Also, I think something like this would be so lovely in a wedding, maybe instead of rice?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Week

this week 

1. It’s been warm and snowy. Now that I go outside in the winter every day, I think I really need proper winter exercise jacket and trousers. I’ve been using Jake’s insulated trousers and my parka, and pretty much look like a mountain on the move. Especially when it’s snowing.

2. A friend asked if I wear a tutu to ballet. No, this is what I wear. Black leggings', black top, black knit and black slippers. And grey socks, so things don’t get too monotone!

3. We made awesome food this week. Mashed potatoes, and salmon, with 6 dl cream on it. I didn’t  say healthy! But it was awesome.

4. I’ve had really puffy eyes lately, I don’t know why. In an effort to minimize this, I decided to make an eye pillow I could keep in the freezer (cold is supposed to help). And it’s cloud shaped!  That has to help, too! I filled it with flax seeds and some dried lavender. Not sure if it’s working as intended, but it is intensely calming. Maybe it’s the light pressure or the fact you can’t open your eyes, but it is very relaxing.

5. I mentioned on Friday that I had some mountain craft plans. To see how it would work I cut this shape out of paper and modelled it around the house. I think this size is about right. I’m thinking of an ombre effect from dark grey to snowy tops.

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