Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to Crochet an Amigurumi Tooth Fairy Pillow

So, my baby just cut her first two teeth, so she isn't going to be loosing any anytime soon. (At least, I hope not.) And we don't really have a concept of a tooth fairy in Finland. But you see this cute stuff from other cultures (on Pinterest, mostly) and I'm a sucker for cute stuff. And you know I love amigurumi.
I started this blog to have a place to post my amigurumi patterns to, then my interest sort of waned. And how many stuffed animals can a person make and never use? The answer is of course as many as she likes. But, yeah,  I was trying to be an adult and I stopped.

Cue baby, and I'm like bring all the amigurumi!
So, here's a pattern for an amigurumi tooth, which can be used as a tooth fairy pillow (i.e. put a tooth in the pocket in the back, and see it magically turn into money during the night. Only works for children, I've heard.)
I used wool/polyamide mix yarn called 7veljestä, and an EU size 1,75 hook, but I crochet loosely, so if you crochet tightly, maybe use a bigger hook.
Amigurumi Tooth Pattern

Make a magic ring
  1. Sc 6 times in the magic ring (6).
  2. Sc inc around (12).
  3. Sc in the next 5, sc inc twice, sc in the next 5 (14).
  4. Sc around (14).
  5. Sc in the next 6, sc inc twice, sc in the next 6 (16).
  6. Sc around (16).
  7. Sc in the next 7, sc inc twice, sc in the next 7 (18).
  8. Sc around.
  9. Sc in the next 8, sc inc twice, sc in the next 8 (20).
  10. Sc around.
  11. Sc in the next 9, sc inc twice, sc in the next 9 (22).
  12. Sc around.
  13. Sc in the next 10, sc inc twice, sc in the next 10 (24).
  14. Sc around. 
  15. Sc in the next 11, sc inc twice, sc in the next 11 (26).
  16. Sc around.
  17. Sc in the next 12, sc inc twice, sc in the next 12 (28).
Finish off leaving a long tail (this is for sewing "the crotch" i.e. where the roots meet, shut later). Stuff.

Make another root the same way, but don't finish off. Mark this spot, from now on this will be the beginning and ending of the rounds. Join the two roots by crocheting where you left of on the first root.

18. Sc around (56).
19. Sc around (56). Around here is a good place to sew shut the small hole where you joined the roots together, later on it'll be more difficult.
20. Sc around (56).
21. Sc around (56).
22. Sc around (56).
23. Sc in the next 7 stitches in the back loop only, sc in the next 42, sc in the next 7 stitches in the back loop only (56).
24. Sc around (56).
25. Sc around (56).
26. Sc around (56).
27. Sc around (56).
28. Sc around (56).
29. Sc around (56).
30. Sc around (56).
31. Sc around (56).
32. Sc around (56). I recommend you start stuffing now, because as you decrease the hole will get smaller and stuffing more difficult.
33. Sc in the next 10, sc dec three times, sc in the next 24, sc dec three times, sc in the next 10 (50).
34. Sc in the next 9, sc dec three times, sc in the next 20, sc dec three times, sc in the next 9 (44).
35. Sc dec around (22).
36. Sc dec around (11).
37. Keep sc dec until you have a very small hole, then sew the hole shut and finish off leaving a long tail.

Thread the yarn on a sturdy needle and push it through the top of the tooth in to "the crotch" and back again, molding the top of the tooth as you like. Knot between the roots and hide the yarn inside the tooth.

Flip the tooth over. On the back where you on round 23 crocheted in the back loops only there are the front loops visible.
Sc across (14), turn. Repeat for 9 rows. Finish off. Sew to sides of the flap onto the tooth.
Embroider on a face. I went with blue eyes because black felt too much like cavities, but you can embroider on any face you like, of course!

You are done!


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