Saturday, June 3, 2017

DIY Felt Antlers

I've seen quite a few faux taxidermy decorations for kids rooms, but they are usually heads, which even if they are faux, still creep me out. 

Then I came across this tutorial for felt antlers by Mereta from One Mushroom and thought that it was the coolest thing ever! Felt antlers! For some reason I'd never thought of that.
There was no actual pattern for these (or if there was I missed it), just a tutorial, so I made the antlers slightly too big and heavy for the plate, but I think they are still pretty cool. The tutorial didn't mention how to hang them either and with a slightly heavier build, I'm not sure what will be the best way.
I love working with felt, because there is no fraying. Just cut and sew. The whole thing is hand sewn, but it didn't take that long. And once you get going hand sewing is kind of meditative. 
The best thing is of course that no animals were harmed in making of these!
These are definitely going to my kids room, once we have one for her. And once I figure out a way to hang them. Any ideas?

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