Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is probably the pattern everybody starts their amigurumi hobby with. I made one too. Since it’s one of my first ones, it’s a bit wonky. But I never mind, I think he is kind of cute. He looks so calm and relaxed. I put pipe cleaners inside the paws and tail to make them poseable. I don't pose him much though (except for pictures...). The amineko is a nice, clear pattern and I learned a lot about making amigurumis and reading patterns. While I was making it, I took it with me everywhere, until a friend said it wasn't polite to crochet in company. Well then.
Anyway, here’s a link to the English pattern.


  1. I love amenikos...yours is adorable!!

  2. I did this one, but mine is not as this one so well done...


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