Friday, December 21, 2012

Star Wreath

Do you want to see something that looks nice in reality and really depressing in pictures?
Might just be my pictures. The daylight is non-existent at the moment.
Everyone in our building has an elaborate Christmas wreath on their door (I think most people here are retired) and I felt left out and wanted something, too. Frilliness isn’t really my style and I just wasn’t warming up to most wreaths I’d seen, until I came across this one.

So pretty! Mine isn’t that pretty.
It was really easy to do, though. I just took some wire and pushed paper mache balls through it (they didn’t have holes, so I really did have to push) and then twisted it into a star shape. Then, I twisted the ends into loops to hang it from. Now that I’m looking at that picture, I'm starting to think it might need something on the top to hide those loops. A pink knitted bow maybe. I feel frilliness approaching.
It was night and when I went to hang it, I discovered the door didn’t have a nail for it. I could have sworn it did. Someone stole our nail!Craziness aside, I then tried to nail it there as quietly as possible as not wake all the old people up.
And it does look prettier in person.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Way to Use an Old Thing

I bought this from the thrift store ages ago, for maybe 4 euros. I thought it was really fun thing to store fruits and vegetables in the fridge, but my boyfriend thought it was butt ugly.


Well, a friend of ours bought a board game called Arkham Horror, and the other night he came over with it so we could try it out. This game has gazillion different pieces. And it didn’t come with anything to organize them with. You know where this is going.



I just gave the dish a quick wash and dried it thoroughly and it was perfect. Every piece nice and neat and we didn’t loose a single one.

The game is awesome by the way, I highly recommend it. It does take a lot of room, our dining room table was barely enough to contain it all. In the above picture we haven’t even laid out the character info sheets and pieces yet. There are also several expansions for it. We might need a bigger table!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Flower Blanket

Going with the blanket theme, this is what I’ve been working on lately.


Pattern from Coco Rose Diaries (scroll down).

This is the third blanket I’ve started this year. Here are the first


and second.


I’ve noticed I much prefer making household items (like blankets) to making something to wear, just as I prefer thrifting household items to thrifting clothes. Not sure why, but I’m just going to roll with it.

This project is much like the granny square blanket: made in small instalments and then sewn together. I love it for the reasons I told then, but on the flip side there is also about a million ends to finish.

As for the colour choices, I love colourful things – just not on me or in my home. So while I loved the pretty pink and orange original, I tried to stay true to my nature and went with white and grey.

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