Friday, August 8, 2014

I Need Advice!


I bought this ceramic owl from the thrift store for 4 euros. Hanging here with my Harry Potter books (of course). I thought I’d spray paint it white like this:

Thrift Core

One of it’s ears is a bit cracked, but I thought you could hardly notice it once I paint it over. Not that you can really see it now, because that’s the side against the books.


Here’s my problem: I thought that Jake would hate the owl for sure (he disapproves a lot of things I bring home), but he actually likes it! Cool, right? Except he thinks I’ll ruin it by painting it. And then he’ll hate it. Gah!

So please, give me some advice! To paint or not to paint?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2 Step Spice Rack


My spice cabinet has been a mess. It’s above the stove so it’s quite high, and I can only reach the first few shelves without a stepladder. It’s also quite deep and stuff tends to get lost behind other stuff.

I asked my father if a step rack was something he could do and a few hours later it was ready! My mother painted it white and I think it looks like a build in. I love it! Now I can actually see and reach everything! (Well, some rarely used stuff I placed on the top two shelves.)

I realized I actually forgot to take any pictures of the finished rack. I was in such a hurry to get this cabinet organized! But here are a few pictures of dad making it.



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