Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hama Bead Mario Wall

Jake expressed a wish before Christmas that he'd like to have a wall that looks like a Mario game. Well, well. As you wish. I'd previously only done snowflakes with Hama beads, but thought it was great fun and jumped at a chance of doing more.
I was a bit worried because I haven't really played any Mario games, except Mario Kart and Super Mario World and I couldn't really tell if the images were "correct" or from the same game (seriously, this is the stuff I worry about). But luckily Mario Maker came out, and I decided since they were doing it, it was OK for me to combine elements from different games too.
I got all the patterns from Pinterest (where else?), except the princess Peach in a cat suit which I had to improvise. I based it on a picture of Tanooki Mario.
I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and I think Jake was too when he opened them on Christmas Eve. At least, he posted them on Facebook straight away. That's always a good sign. 
It's not quite the whole wall, but it's a start and there's always next Christmas!


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