Thursday, July 24, 2008

Picture Magnets

I'm not sure if these pictures are even a concept in English, because when I tried to find a translation for "kiiltokuva" the only word I could find was "a glossy picture". And when I tried googling that - nothing. Anyway, these are pictures I collected as a child.
One of my mothers favorite TV-programmes is called Strömsö. In this show they make all kinds of crafts, food etc.. I was in the library leafing through a book based on the series, and I saw that they had made magnets out of those glossy pictures. I thought how I have loads of them collecting dust at home, and how it would be so much nicer to hang your grocery list on your fridge with a pretty magnet rather than with a regular grey round one.
I chose the pictures I liked the most, placed them on a self adhesive magnetic sheet, topped it with self adhesive plastic film and cut them out. Easy.
The magnetic sheet is quite expensive (for my budget), but I really like the result. And they'll probably last forever! More importantly they are cute, and allow me to display a part of my childhood in a way that is also useful.

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