Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lace Jar Lantern


Sticking with the lace theme, I saw these doily covered jars, at Pinterest I think, but can’t find the source anymore. Anyway, the idea is just to cover a glass jar in glue, stick a doily on it and light a votive inside, ta-dah, a lantern.

Easy enough. The jar used to hold jalapenos and the lace is a tablecloth or possibly a curtain from the thrift store. I only used a small corner of it for this. I’m thinking maybe I’ll use the rest for a cushion, or twenty more lanterns… I like how the lace isn’t overly romantic, but a bit more angular, while still being totally cosy.

This was such a one minute project. I didn’t even wait for the glue to dry before lighting it.  So easy and fast. And cute. Cute is important.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doily Lamp (in progress)

Everyone has probably seen this doily lamp from Dos Family. It’s so lovely. I really want one. The trouble is, doilies are so hard to find around here. And when I do find them, they cost a lot, and I’d like a white lamp and the doilies I’ve run across at thrift stores are usually in colours. Mainly green for some reason.

But hey, I can crochet!

There are so many lovely doily patterns floating around in the internet. I just threw “doily” in Google and picked the ones I liked. Especially the Japanese patterns are so pretty! I bought some white yarn (from thrift store, of course) and crocheted away. This is my progress so far. Not enough for a lamp, yet, but getting there.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beet Blusher

I got my allergy patch test results recently and turns out I’m strongly allergic to Kathon CG. And it’s in everything. Shampoos, soaps, creams, make-up… It seems a bit daunting to buy all new products, not to mention expensive! Also, it has about dozen names that are used in cosmetics, so spotting it requires loads of research. So, for now my make-up consists of one Ben Nye eye-liner pencil. Yay. If anyone is, or knows someone who’s, allergic to it and knows of any products without it, please let me know!

Luckily, I run across this tutorial on the Velvet Bird, via Pinterest, of course. She makes a very simple liquid blusher from beets and glycerol. That’s all. There’s certainly no Kathon CG in that, so I jumped to it. And it is super easy. Only mistake I made was thinking “Oh, there’s 3 tbsp. glycerol that must mean there’s going to be 3 tbsp. blusher”, but of course the beets also extract juice. And now I have a cute little 3 tbsp. jar with blusher and another randomly grabbed big jar where I poured the rest. Well. At least I’m not going to run out, but the next time I think I’ll halve the recipe.


The blusher it’s very nice sheer natural purplish pink. Like a beet, I suppose… It’s easy to use, although I live in horror of pouring it all over my shirt, since it’s very liquid-y. And I’m messy like that. But now I have two make-up products, yay! It’s a start.

Bonus: Here’s a nice YouTube tutorial by Lisa Eldridge on applying liquid blusher. I couldn’t use any make-up for months prior to my patch test and seem to have forgotten all about it.

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