Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chevron Blanket


I really loved the granny square blanket I made, but my boyfriend keeps hogging it. The chevron seems to be really in right now, and after seeing several patterns for knit blankets I decided to make one for myself.

Black and white FTW!


The pattern I used is from here (in Finnish), but there are several similar patterns around there. This for example. I loved this pattern because it’s so easy. It might not look easy, but it is. Just knit stitches all around with decrease or increase every tenth stitch on the right side. This was so much faster to make than the granny square one, just a few weeks.


My knitting was much tighter in the beginning and then became looser. Also the blanket is quite heavy and it also started to stretch a bit towards the end. So, one end ended up being a bit wider. A bit annoying. Still, it’s very soft and perfect for watching TV on the sofa and maybe it’ll shrink if i wash it? Maybe.


Speaking of TV, we just started watching Once upon a time. I like the fairy tales, the bf likes Robert Carlyle, perfect for both.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Laine Blogger Award

Lipstick and a White Tee gave me this award, thank you!

Laine Blogger Award Rules

Link back to the blogger who awarded you
Blog about the award
Give the award to 5 bloggers and let them know

Here are 5 blogs I’ve enjoyed lately, maybe you will, too.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Second-Hand Finds 3


I’ve been looking for a wire fruit bowl for sometime. This was stuffed full of some other things at the thrift store, but I was all eagle-eyed and dug it out. It’s a reddish orange that isn’t really my style, so I might paint it later. But it’s kind of growing on me. 1,5 €.


A rattan bin. I though the pattern was so pretty. It’s airy and perfect for paper rubbish. 1 €.


A Chinese porcelain jar. I put sugar in this. So simple and pretty. 1 €.


Two tiny flower shaped bowls. Cute and I have no idea what to do with these. 0.50 € each.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grey and Pink and White Bunting

After making the bit anaemic “Onnea” –banner, I decided to try to make a more colourful celebratory bunting. And by colourful I mean colourful for me. And by colourful for me I mean not colourful at all.




Still, I’m pretty happy with it. I didn’t take a picture of this and the other banner together, but they look pretty cute. Somehow… quietly happy.

I think I’ll do one more. This time I’m thinking black.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Second-Hand Finds 2

This segment is basically to show (my mother) what I’ve bought lately.


I’m sure my boyfriend thinks I’m insane when I come home with stuff like this, but isn’t this bottle opener cute or what? 2 €.


A side table for bedroom. The surface is a bit broken back there, but it should be fixable. I love this style. A little bit of care and it’ll be like new. And yes, I lifted it on the dining room table for this picture.10 €.


Tiny, tiny frames. I’m thinking of collecting different kinds of frames and making a gallery wall. Some day. When I have white walls. 2 € each.

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