Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lip Balm Key Fob

I use lip balm several times a day: after I've washed my teeth, after I've eaten, before I leave home, when I'm bored... All the time really. I used to have several tubes of lip balm in different pockets and bags and I was always loosing them.

That is, until I saw a picture of a crocheted lip balm cozy somewhere in the Internet (probably Craftster). 

I always have my key (I really only have one) with me, and with the lip balm cozy attached to the key I now always know where to find my balm. No more chapped lips!

The cozy is just a really simple crocheted tube with a button closure; you can make it to fit exactly your lip balm. I crocheted a metal hook on to the cozy so that I can easily clip it on and off the key.

Also pictured: the worlds best lip balm:)


  1. Superb!!!!!!!!! Hyvä Riikka! hieno blogi ja kuvatkin on hyviä. mistäs mulle saatas kanssa noita kivoja juttuja, en mä mitään ala virkkaan... ;)

  2. Jee, jee! Ha haa! Katotaan mitä asialle voidaan tehdä... :P

  3. I made one for myself too and I love mine as well.
    Mines not as well done looking as yours but it serves it's purpose.
    But maybe that's also cause mine's supposed to look like a severed zombie finger. <3

  4. A severed zombie finger sounds perfect!! I'd like to see that!


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