Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hand-made felt play sandwich

After lamenting in the last post about having no crafts to post, I realized I DO have something I crafted... about three years ago!
When I was pregnant with the Kiddo I got really into making these felt play foods for her. I don't know why. I just got into my head that these were the thing to make and I managed to make quite a few, before my interest waned again.
I started by following this sandwich tutorial by myrtle & eunice  (the bread, the salad, the cheese) then went of on a tangent with all kinds of things.
I made some apple slices, eggs, (boiled and fried), bacon, peas, avocado, tomatoes and even some tea bags. Then I was done.
I just pulled them out for the Kiddo to play with, and they've been a hit! She just loves piling them all in the bowl and pretending to eat and then dumping them all on the floor again. They do make a huge mess.
If you are interested making your own, check out that sandwich tutorial and I've also collected quite a bit of play food inspiration on my Play Food Pinterest board (some felt, some crochet). I've also got a few amigurumi play food patterns here on the blog: beetroot, onigiri, mushrooms, chocolate chip cookie, Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, eggs and licorice allsorts.

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